The HETS Connection
Volume : 5 - Issue : 2 - MARCH 2009

SPECIAL REPORT: HETS Members' Technology Capabilities and Needs


HETS Task Forces on Technology, Faculty Development, and Student Support were established in December 2007. These are groups of inter-institutional professionals from member institutions intended to support the development and implementation of activities and services of benefit to our significant institutional stakeholders: students, faculty, student support personnel, and staff from technology-related departments. They respond to our purpose of better serving Hispanic students in succeeding in college through effectively integrated technologies, taking into consideration the importance of supporting faculty and institutional administrators in this process. The general goals of this initiative are to: discuss services and technologies that can be collaboratively leveraged as a consortium; conceptualize collaborative projects that respond to institutional needs; and support members with assessment tools that can further strengthen their technology, teaching, and service infrastructures.

Recently, the three groups have been working on a series of technology assessment surveys that have produced essential data on the HETS member institutions' technology capabilities and needs with regards to resources and infrastructure, faculty development, and student support services. Results show outstanding practices, as well as areas that need to be further developed or strengthened among member institutions. Members can learn more about themselves and about each other. They can also identify areas of support needed from the administration and spaces of collaboration between one another.

The main aims of the Task Forces has been, precisely, to try to learn from each other's experiences, assess members' levels of technology utilization, and draw recommendations to enhance the use of technology to improve teaching and support strategies and foster the Hispanic learner's college success. However, the results of these surveys cannot only be of great advantage and learning to member institutions themselves, but also of great benefit to the whole educational community, particularly in Hispanic higher education.

This special report includes a summary of the results of the surveys conducted and analyzed by the HETS Task Forces. These projects are expected to continue in order to keep contributing to the general picture of the status, progress, and capabilities of the HETS member institutions with regards to the effective integration and use of technologies for student success. The Task Forces are also committed to providing the HETS Board of Directors and HETS member institutions with recommendations as to potential directions to take and areas of opportunity.


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